Monday, March 10, 2014

Hunahpu Day: The Proper Response

After a crazy weekend filled with a symphony of emotions, comments, and responses aimed at Cigar City, I wanted to take a quick moment to share a few of my thoughts.

First, if you're just coming out from under whatever rock you've been hiding and don't know what I am referring to, you should first check out this article published in the Tampa Bay Times.

As most of you have already been reading about (and some of you experienced it yourselves on Saturday), Hunahpu Day didn't quite go the way beer fans had hoped.

Before I proceed, take a minute to watch this quick video capturing what happened when Cigar City ran out of Hunahpu. It's worth a watch.

The thing that upsets me the most about this video actually has nothing to do with Cigar City running out of beer. This video is upsetting, no, disgusting, in terms of the way people handled the situation.

As the pallets are emptied and patrons realize what has just happened, they start to "boo" the brewery. This turns into an angry "Cigar City Sucks" chant, led by some D-Bag with shades and a beard.

For years, I've  boasted about how craft beer people are good people. In fact, this whole blog revolves around the "Good News" of craft brews...including the people who create and consume it.

To lash out in anger at Cigar City shows a complete lack of maturity and ability to see the broader context of a given situation. Obviously, Cigar City did not mean to mislead people. I believe they fully intended to ensure everyone was able to get the beer they came for. To lash out in a belittling way is just childish.

Now listen, I understand that in the moment, Cigar City looked really bad and irresponsible. I get it. They screwed up. But don't sit there and chant "Cigar City sucks" when you know that's probably not a true statement. In fact, the only reason you went to Hunahpu Day is because they are worth every penny and minute of the time you spent to be there.

One mistake doesn't discredit everything the brewery has done prior. The YouTube video shows an ignorant and arrogant mob of selfish beer-goers. That's not the craft beer community with which I identify. And I have a feeling it's not the one you identify with either.

And after all of the criticism, booing, hateful press Cigar City has received, they responded honorably by refunding every single ticket that was sold. And then provided free beer in their taproom for anyone with a Hunahpu Day wristband.

Cigar City does not suck. But, to the guy in the video with the sunglasses and beard: You, sir, surely do.


  1. Great assessment... I also posted a post with similar sentiments - nice to know great minds think alike... ;-)

    Here's my post:

  2. Wow, what a horrible representation of the craft beer community. Clearly the quote, "Good people drink good beer," does not apply to Mr. Sunglasses and beard.

    I had a friend in the crowd, not sure how he fared.

    As the craft beer community grows, we're sure to pick up an idiot or two along the way. I've never had a bad beer from Cigar City and judging by the crowd, anyone that was there has never had a bad beer from them either. The brewery owned up to their mistake and not only are refunding those with bracelets, but I believe they are distributing Hanahpu starting next year.

    Great post!