Monday, November 11, 2013

A Tallahassee Collaboration: Fermentation Lounge and Grasslands Brewing Co.

If you're in or around the Tallahassee area, this is a must-attend event! On Wednesday, November 13, Tallahassee's first craft brewpub, Fermentation Lounge, will be releasing a collaboration brew with Grasslands Brewing Co. 

The collaboration brew is called Rye Saison, a Belgian ale brewed with generous portions of rye. Here's what both breweries had to say about the collaboration:
The rye saison is GrassLands’ take on a traditional Belgian style ale, brewed with rye and oats, making for a silky mouthfeel with fruit and herbal spice flavors. Twenty gallons will be served.  Fermentation Lounge will provide its twist to the recipe with an additional 10 gallons of rye saison with the addition of lemon zest and white peppercorn to complement the beer's flavor.
Grasslands isn't expected to officially open their doors until 2014, but that hasn't stopped founder, Gabe Grass, from brewing his concoctions and getting his beer in the hands of thirsty locals (see The Grasshopper Review Club for more info). I've been fortunate enough to review several of Grasslands' beers and can honestly say I have thoroughly enjoyed every one.

Fermentation Lounge, on the other hand, has been serving Tallahassee's beer nerds for some time now. 'The Ferm,' as it's commonly referred to by locals, is a small-batch brewpub located in one of the city's historic neighborhoods. Their small batches allows them to create single-barrel recipes that are innovative, unique, and delicious.

If you would like more information about this event or about GrassLands Brewing Company, please contact Gabe Grass at 850-566-0741 or by email:



  1. I don’t drink beer so this event isn’t for me. But I’m sure all the beer nerds in the area would be excited to try out all new innovative beer recipes.

  2. I wish i was there to attend this show but i have heard alot about it. This is one of the nice shows and i am glad you touched this topic.