Friday, January 10, 2014

Visiting Tomoka Brewery

I had the pleasure of stopping by Tomoka Brewery, one of North Florida's newest craft beer breweries. Tomoka is located in Ormond Beach, FL, which is just minutes from Daytona Beach.

Tomoka is a place I had been trying to visit since the opening in 2013, but my work and family schedule made it difficult to make the 90 minute drive from Jacksonville. Nonetheless, I am glad that I was finally able to visit Tomoka and taste some of the delicious pizzas and, of course, beer.

The brewpub is conveniently located and within walking distance of the beach. Although I visited on a cold day (for Florida's standards), I made a mental note to come back in the summer and make use of the brewery's optimal proximity to the water.

The pictures are hazy because my daughter put a filter over my lens and I didn't catch it until later.
Tomoka just received their Federal license to brew and sell their own beer this past week. So, during the time of my visit, I wasn't able to order any beers that were solely brewed by them; although I did try a collaboration beer they brewed with Due South Brewing Co. out of Boynton Beach, FL. The collaboration was an imperial brown ale called, Ginger Snap Imperial Brown Ale.

Just like it sounds, the beer was a sweet and malty ale with subtle notes of ginger, toffee, and brown sugar. It served as an excellent dessert beer after I devoured an order of gravy and cheese covered french fries, which were the appetizer to the pizza I ordered--the Spanokopizza: a pie that's topped with spinach, garlic, onions, mozzarella, feta, and butter. YUM!

My visit was pleasant and I know I need to come back. Owners Jen and Peter are great people. They are avid supporters of the craft beer community in Florida and are just generally good people to be around. Peter even came out from the back of the kitchen to snap a quick photo with my daughter and me.
That's me in the middle, proudly wearing the "Drink Beer from Here" @hopcloth shirt.
If you're in the Daytona Beach area, be sure to stop by Tomoka for a good meal and great beer. I will definitely be back once they have their own beers flowing from the taps.


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