Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The New Beer Apostle Logo

I am excited to share the new and official logo for this site! The logo was designed by Stephen Nichols of Tallahassee Craft Beer. I asked Stephen to help me capture the essence of the Beer Apostle, and this logo does exactly that.

I also want to thank all those who voted to help me decide which logo you preferred. The votes came in at nearly 70% in favor of the logo you see here. So, YOU literally had a hand in this decision. And I couldn't be happier with this logo!

Feel free to contact Stephen for design work by clicking on any of the links above, or you can find him on Twitter: @TallyCraftBeer

Interested in learning more about how Beer Apostle came to be? Want to learn about how you can contribute to this site? You'll find everything you're looking for below. Just keep reading...

Interested in contributing to the Beer Apostle Site? Want to write a guest review?

I am always open to having guest contributions to the site. I am not the only person with a message, thus I am not the only Beer Apostle!

If you're interested in writing a review of a beer, event, or bar (or any other topic relating to beer), you can contact me by Email, Twitter, or Facebook.

Have beer you want me to review? 

If you enjoy this site and have a brew you'd like me to review, you can contact me for the address and information. As a beer enthusiast, I am always excited to expand my horizons and try new beers. This absolutely includes homebrews, too!

If you're a bar or restaurant owner, or are planning an event that you'd like me to feature, please email me for more details on how we can work together.

So, Beer Apostle. Is that like, beer and Christianity, or something?

The etymology of Apostle is a Middle English word meaning "one who is sent on a mission." The word has several religious contexts, and in this case, I am deliberately identifying with the Christian context of the word.

I am a Christian. I am also a person who enjoys tasting, sharing, and reviewing craft beer. I don't find that to be a bad blend. In fact, I find them to be quite compatible.

Beer has a rich history with Christianity--it was invented by Monks--and later enjoyed by amazing Christian leaders (CS Lewis and Pope John Paul are just two that come to mind).

Beer brings people together in unique ways. It's a common bond among people with vast differences. Craft beer has given me the opportunity to share my story, my experiences, my passions with people with whom I otherwise might never have met.

This site is not religious by any means, and I don't mean it to be. However, just as I cannot separate who I am from my Christian beliefs, I also cannot separate this blog from its Christian author. Thus, the Beer Apostle is nothing more than a beer blog, written by a Christian, who believes these things--beer and Christianity--can coexist.

Want to read more about the history of beer and Christianity? Check out these cool links!

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