Thursday, April 30, 2015

Soucing Suds: Pinglehead's Ambitious Monk

'Sourcing Suds' is a monthly column featured in BUZZ Magazine recognizing beer that’s locally brewed and served. Join me each month as I highlight a local craft beer and where you can find it on tap! 

Nestled in an unassuming plaza along the busy intersection of Blanding BLVD and Wells Rd in Orange Park, beer lovers and foodies alike can find indulgence in Orange Park’s only Brewpub: Brewer’s Pizza. Brewer’s has become a local favorite for those who live on the west side of Jacksonville, and a worthy destination for those who don’t.

The pizzas are handmade with fresh dough and marinara (both made on site) and fresh-cut ingredients. This is pizza done right. No corners cut. Just good food! My recommendation: order a Florida Smacker—a customizable personal thick crust pizza that is lip-smackingly delicious!

In addition to the handmade pizzas, Brewer’s is home to Pinglehead Brewing Co., where patrons have been enjoying aggressively flavored beers since 2011. "Pinglehead beers are brewed for beer-lovers seeking aggressive beer flavors and styles," said Chief Beer Officer, Steve Halford. Beer with Attitude, as Pinglehead’s slogan goes. 

Suds: Ambitious Monk 

Ambitious Monk, a spring seasonal from Pinglehead, is a Belgian Tripel that clocks in at 10.4% alcohol by volume. It pours a straw-yellow in color and gives off a sweet candy aroma with hints of Belgian yeast aromas. 

Ambitious Monk is dangerously drinkable. Notes of clove, apples, and bubble gum coat the palate. Lots of bubble gum! As the beer warms, the alcohol comes through a bit more and some of the Belgian spices begin to pick up on the palate. The finish is sweet and tart with the yeast characteristics lingering.

This is definitely a beer that is more appropriate as a "sipper," and not one I would recommend drinking too...ambitiously.

Brewer’s Pizza is located at 14b Blanding Blvd, Orange Park, FL 32073. Open daily at 11am.

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