Friday, May 1, 2015

Five Must-Try Jacksonville Beers for Summer

Summer is around the corner, and that means you’re going to need local beers to keep your thirst quenched and palate satisfied. With eight distributing breweries in Jacksonville, there are plenty of beers to choose from. But the beers on this list stand above the rest in their ability to provide crisp refreshment without skimping on the flavor.

5) Buzzin Bee Honey Rye Wheat, Veterans United Craft Brewery.
Buzzin Bee is unfiltered and brewed with local honey which provides a balanced sweetness to counter the rye and wheat flavors. Hints of citrus fruits make this an enjoyable summer beer.
Notes: Honey, orange, and hints of rye.

4) I-10 IPA, Intuition Ale Works.
This highly drinkable IPA packs a hop-forward punch without being too aggressive for summer. Zesty citrus and resinous pine make this a flavorful IPA that’ll quench your thirst when you need it the most.
Notes:  Citrus, pine, grapefruit, and pineapple.

3) Big John’s Apricot Wheat Ale, Bold City Brewery
Light, drinkable, and refreshing, this is a gratifying beer that’ll please the palate. Complex layers of wheat, tart fruits, and sweet malts make this a refreshing companion to those sweltering summer months.
Notes: Wheat, biscuits, apricot, and apples.

2) Endless Summer Blonde Ale, Pinglehead Brewing Company.
Endless Summer laughs in the face of naysayers who believe Blonde Ales don’t have flavor. This beer starts with an inviting malt profile and finishes with a crisp, clean, and slightly dry finish.
Notes: Biscuity malt sweetness, honey, and an earthy-dry finish.

1) J’Ville Lager, Engine 15 Brewing Company.
Brewed to commemorate their anniversary, J’Ville is an American lager done right. It’s a clean and refreshing beer that will keep you comfortable during the dog days of summer.
Notes: pale malts, bready yeast, honey, and lemon zest.

From Left to Right: Carolyn Graham, Brian Little, Sean Bielman
celebrating the launch of Engine 15's J'Ville Lager

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