Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Gallon of the South Carolina Coast: HopArt

The following post is a guest review from a good buddy, Russell Radel. Craft beer is as much about the fellowship and community as it is the beer. I welcome multiple perspectives and contributions to this blog. If you would like to share your thoughts, reviews or opinions on a beer, brewery, or bar, simply contact me or leave a comment below. Cheers!

As a Christmas gift I got a free growler fill at Community Tap (@communitytap) in Greenville, SC. I was excited to get something new to me from my home state to see what I had been missing in my time in Jacksonville (4 years strong!). An exciting brewery, Coast Brewing (@coastbrewing) from the Charleston area had an offering called HopArt IPA, a 7.7 ABV beer that by the look of the label and description from the brewer promised to be an assertively balanced brew. Sign me up!

So I dove in, a gallon growler to explore, one persistent man to explore it.
First glass: "Thank goodness it is as advertised!" Drank it fast, can't even tell its 7.7!!

Second glass: the brew really opens as it hits optimum temp. both in the (light for an IPA) nose and the sweet yet fresh hoppy flavor.


Back to it, and No I won't go through all 10 or so glasses. Fast forward to the last...I am really glad one of my favorite towns has a brewery with such promise. From the idea to the execution of this beer, I think they hit on all marks! If you like higher gravity but beautifully balanced IPAs that impress with their focus on fresh, bright, clean flavors with no overpowering features, find you some HopArt. You might just find a promising new southern brewery to accelerate South Carolina's love for homemade drinks (see the history of Whiskey and Moonshine!)

If you get a chance...Drink it! And follow me on Twitter for more of my explorations @RadelRA

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