Thursday, May 12, 2016

Hourglass Brewing Wild Ale Bottle Release


The Hourglass Brewery has announced the simultaneous release of three beers in their Wild Ale Series, which will take place on  May 21st at 11AM in the Hourglass Brewing Taproom.

Each wild ale was bottle conditioned with champagne yeast, and embody a dry, funky flavor. These are wild ales by definition, not sours. While the beers certainly have a funky profile reminiscent of sour ales, the difference is that wild ales are not acidic.  
The three wild ales are:
  1. Wild Hare Wild Ale  – Golden ale with brettanomyces and organic, locally grown persimmon and roselle. We brewed this in collaboration with Wild Hare Kitchen And Garden Emporium.
  2. White Gold! – Golden ale with brettanomyces, white pepper, and white sage.
  3. Tereré Saison – Belgian saison brewed with yerba mate and lime and fermented with a traditional saison yeast and brettanomyces.
The Wild Ale Series will be available for purchase on May 21st. $15/each. There are less than 400 bottles of each, and sales will be limited to 4 bottles per person, per flavor. As a special promotion, patrons who purchase 3 wild bottles can purchase any 4th Hourglass bottle for just $10!

Each bottle features a custom label designed by Hourglass’ in-house artist and longtime employee, Jeremy Gonzalez. 

Visit to learn more about this production brewery in Longwood, FL.

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